Meet the candidates for Ward 4 – City Council Elections

It’s less than two weeks until the City Council Elections in Toronto and if you’re still undecided about who you’ll be voting for, why not go along and meet the candidates for Ward 4 (Parkdale-High Park)?

There are two “Meet the Candidates” events coming up next week; one in Roncesvalles and one in Parkdale.

Tuesday October 16th at 7pm

Roncesvalles MacDonnell Residents Association event at Roncesvalles United Church (240 Roncesvalles Avenue)

Wednesday October 17th at 6:30pm

Parkdale Residents Association event at May Robinson Auditorium (20 West Lodge Ave.)

There are 10 candidates running for election:

Kalsang Dolma
David Ginsberg
Valerie Grdisa
Taras Kulish
Mercy Okalowe
Nick Pavlov
Alex Perez
Gord Perks*
Evan Tummillo
José Vera